Ways To Appropriately Keep A Hot Tub

It sounds like a job for the pros and oftentimes can turn homeowners away from purchasing hot tubs or swim spas in areas like Vista, despite their incredible, luxurious benefits. Don’t be discouraged by the task of maintaining a hot tub. With a few simple tools and the proper steps, it can be super easy.

It is important to maintain a hot tub once it has been purchased. A hot tub or swim spas are an investment in Vista and can be a great addition to any home. However, it is important to protect that investment. Without proper care, a hot tub can become the subject of several malfunctions. Some of which could cost more than their worth and leave someone replacing their entire hot tub.

Follow these key steps for maintaining a clean hot tub:

1. Use test strips to check the chemical levels. Not only is it damaging to the skin, but it is also damaging to the hot tub or spa to have an excess amount of chemicals. It can impair the jets and the motor of the hot tub. read Use a test strip to check the chemical levels 1-2 times per week. The test strips will check for things such as calcium hardness, chlorine, alkalinity, bromine, and pH.

2. Only add one chemical at a time to the spa unit. The time between each addition allows the chemicals to fully disperse and begin working before being intruded by another chemical. Waiting between chemicals also decreases the risk of negative reactions between the varying additives.

3. Read Full Report Sanitize your hot tub with chlorine or bromine. While chlorine is the most common item used to clean spas and hot tubs, it has started to be replaced by bromine as bromine is much less harsh. Both chemicals can be purchased in tablets that can just be dropped into the hot tub. However, be careful not to over sanitize.

4. Keep a clean filter. The filter of a hot tub or spa should be cleaned every two weeks. Make sure it is completely dry before returning it. If the filter becomes extremely dirty very shortly after being cleaned, then it is time to replace it. However, proper maintenance will extend its lifetime.

5. Clean the hot tub cover once a month. The maintenance begins on the outside. Part of protecting the inside is ensuring that the outer shell of the hot tub is properly maintained and functioning properly.

These steps do not have to be completed in the order they are listed, it is just important to ensure each one is being completed on a regular basis. It is much easier, and much more affordable, to regularly maintain a hot tub or spa than it is to replace it entirely.

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